Thursday, November 5, 2015

BREAKING NEWS!! American Mail-Order Brides Series

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Portions of this blog were taken from a post by Cissie Patterson on the Pioneer Hearts Blog.

Did you miss it? The big reveal has happened for the Sooper Seekrit project! 45 = 50! 45 authors wrote 50 books focusing on a general theme ~ the American Mail-Order Brides Series.

Do you have questions? Read more about it below to find answers.

What is the Sooper Seekrit project?

* The Sooper Seekrit project is 50 mail-order bride romance stories, one for each state of the Union, occurring in 1890-1891. The books all have a common theme, which starts in a little garment factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in September of 1890.

* Forty-five authors collaborated to create a series of intertwined books. The series begins with The Prequel, which is currently available free on Amazon.

Will some or all of the books be on Kindle Unlimited (Amazon’s subscription service)?

* Yes, all books will be available on Kindle Unlimited for at least the first 90 days.


Is there a certain order in which I should read the books?

* You should read the prequel first, but the stories can be read in any order. However, the books will be RELEASED in the order that each state gained statehood.

What is the steam level of the books?

* All books are considered a ‘PG’ rating or cleaner.

When will the books be released?

* They will release one per day beginning November 19, 2015. Kicking it off will be Lottie, Bride of Delaware by Kit Morgan.  Every day, November 19th through January 7th, 2016, a new book in the series will be released.

Can I pre-order any of the books?

* Books that are available for pre-order can be found by selecting specific book titles on the American Mail-Order Brides Series website or on the Pioneer Hearts Book Store. There are currently 24 titles available for pre-order and more are being added weekly!

How can I find out more information about this awesome series?

Did I read something about a Sooper prize?

* Yes, beginning November 19th, readers may share the book of the day from the Facebook page and be entered into a Grand Prize drawing. At the end of the release period (January 7, 2016), a Kindle will be given away along with one ebook from each author’s list of books. So, on November 19th start sharing to win! NOTE: the books on the Kindle will not be the American Mail-Order Brides Series books.

Kristy's book will debut December 1, 2015.

Available now for pre-order.

Alice: Bride of Rhode Island is thirteenth in the unprecedented 50-book American Mail-Order Brides series.

Fleeing her step-father and an arranged marriage in Newport, Alice Endicott finds work as a seamstress at the Brown Textile Mill near Boston. When a devastating fire destroys the factory, she and all the girls face dire unemployment circumstances. But hope arrives when their manager, Roberta McDaniel, shares the Grooms’ Gazette with them. Each woman will choose a husband and become a mail-order bride. As Alice’s friends—Lottie, Leora, Judith, Beth, Lessie and Josie—embrace the idea, she too becomes caught up in the excitement of a grand new adventure.

When fisherman Frank Martel contacts her, Alice can’t pass up the opportunity to return to Rhode Island despite her step-father’s presence. Upon arriving at the train station in Tiverton, however, Frank neglects to meet her.

James Martel is shocked to find a woman at the rail depot claiming to be his brother’s fiancée. Even more surprising is her connection to a man who ruined James’ father years before. When Frank confesses that he can no longer wed Alice, James steps forward to fill the role since the beautiful young woman holds the key to avenging the Martel name.

Can Alice convince her new husband that their marriage is worth saving once she discovers his subterfuge? And will James learn that love is more important than revenge?

A sweet romance set in 1890 America.

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