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Book Review: The Highland Brides Series by Tanya Anne Crosby

By Kristy McCaffrey

I thought I'd kick off the new year with a wonderful series I recently discovered. The Highland Brides collection by Tanya Anne Crosby is filled with strong heroines, compelling heroes, steamy romance and grand adventure in the Highlands of Scotland. I've included Amazon links, but Tanya's books are available on many platforms, so hop over to her website to learn more.

The Mackinnon’s Bride
The Highland Brides Book 1
P.S. This one is FREE to download.

Scottish Highlander Iain MacKinnon captures an Englishman’s daughter in retaliation for the kidnapping of his young son. As he bargains for a trade, it becomes clear that the Englishman has no interest in his daughter Page. While Iain gains his son, he also must ponder what to do with the girl. Feeling that no one should be denied by their father, he takes her with him. The bulk of the story encompasses the growing relationship between Iain and Page. This is an old school romance novel with an emphasis on inner dialogue and lengthy love scenes, and I loved it. Iain is a tortured and compelling hero, and Page is a plucky heroine despite the circumstances. The romance was smoldering, and I cheered the ultimate happily-ever-after.

Lyon’s Gift
The Highland Brides Book 2

English soldier Piers Montgomerie, also known as Lyon, has been given land in Scotland as a reward for service. As he struggles to make peace with the Highlanders that surround him, Meghan Brodie literally walks right into his hands. Once he lays eyes on her, he knows that his world has changed dramatically. Marrying her will solidify his standing with the Brodie clan—Meghan’s three brothers—but even more than the advantageous union, Lyon comes to realize that Meghan is unlike any other woman he has ever known. This is a wonderfully compelling romance of a stern hero hiding deep philosophical angst and a headstrong heroine struggling to be seen for her mind rather than her beauty. Their banter is delightful and, at times, downright hilarious. I couldn’t put this down and read it nearly straight through. If you’re looking for a sigh-worthy romance with a dash of humor and some major heat, then this book is for you.

On Bended Knee
The Highland Brides Book 3

Seana lives in the forest away from the major clans but is desperate to find a better home for her ailing father. She has convinced herself that she loves Broc, but with him showing little interest in her beyond friendship, she turns to Colin Brodie—Broc’s best friend—for help. Colin has a reputation with the ladies that is hardly a secret, and when Seana starts to fall for him she knows it’s the stupidest thing she’s ever done. I have to admit that I was very curious to see how Colin and Seana would come together, and Ms. Crosby did a fine job with it. It was very romantic and believable, with a dash of Scottish magic thrown in. But would you expect anything less in this wonderful series?

Lion Heart
The Highland Brides Book 4

Broc lost his family to the English when he was a boy, so when he finds himself protecting an Englishwoman who is in danger he is naturally conflicted. Elizabet has traveled to Scotland to become a ward of Piers Montgomerie, the hero from the second book of this series, but finds herself embroiled in something much larger. To say more would spoil the story, but this latest installment in Ms. Crosby’s saga is filled with strong women and cameos from all our favorite characters. Broc’s character is tested in this one, and many readers may not condone his lying, but his heart is in the right place. Settle in for a fun, steamy, and angst-ridden romance in the Highlands!

Highland Song
The Highland Brides Book 4.5

This last story in the Highland Brides series features Gavin Brodie and the woman who captures his heart. She's wild and irreverent, and I thoroughly enjoyed the tale. All the major characters make appearances, which is an added treat. This isn't a full-length book, but a very enjoyable shorter read.

Mackinnon's Hope
The Highland Brides Book 4.6

This long novella was a great end to the series. Along with favorite couple Iain and Page, many other major characters appear. It was nice to see Page finally have closure in the difficult relationship with her father. I really loved this series!

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Marley The Rescue

By Kristy McCaffrey

Happy 2019! One year ago today, my family and I rescued an older dog named Marley. I thought I'd share my story with you all.


I’ve always been a dog person. My heart is forged with memories of my canine companions throughout my life: Rommell, Raquel, Buckwheat, Chaco, Shiva, Sparky. Gone but never forgotten. One thing I had never done, however, was rescue a dog in jeopardy. I’d thought about it, of course. Like many of you, I’m an empathic person, which is probably why I like to write stories, but it was that very trait that always filled me with anxiety just thinking about visiting the pound or a rescue shelter. The suffering of so many is a crushing reality that is difficult to bear some days.


Buckwheat and Rommell

In October 2017, we lost our beloved chocolate Labrador, Ranger. Although he’d had health issues for a number of years, his loss was still sudden and devastating. One week after his 13th birthday, we were forced to put him down from a broken leg due to bone cancer. I wasn’t prepared for the grief that hit me. I had lost dogs before; I knew how it went. But Ranger had been different. I had promised him I would take care of him. In the end, though, I couldn’t. Something happens in your soul when you must break a promise—a terrible schism of guilt.


My husband and I had long talked of rescuing older dogs, knowing how difficult it was for these animals to find a loving home, but it’s a bittersweet goal—just when you bond with them you’re likely to lose them. But if I’ve learned anything while raising four children, it’s this: you must do what is best for them, not what’s best for you. I knew this was also true when it came to helping a dog in need.

Last January, my husband traveled to Finland to help our oldest daughter move to Helsinki for a semester abroad. While I was home on my own, I watched the news one evening, and a very brief story about several dogs needing a home caught my eye. The owner was about to be evicted and the animals would be sent to the pound. The prospects for an older male Labrador mutt weren’t good. The next morning, I called the man trying to help re-home the dogs. He ran a local animal rescue in the Phoenix area, but this wasn’t a normal rescue situation. If I could come immediately to pick up the dog, he would give him to me. I jumped into the car and went, feeling trepidation at driving alone into an unknown neighborhood in downtown Phoenix, but something compelled me.

When I met Marley, I knew he had a strong will to live. The woman who had previously owned him had died ten months prior, and it was her daughter who was desperately trying to find a home for him. Her mother had had such a soft spot for animals that she’d regularly picked up strays off the streets. Marley had been such a stray, born somewhere on the streets of Phoenix, so his age was unknown (the estimate was between 9-12 years old). The daughter had had 24 canines to find homes for, and Marley was one of the last. She’d been doing the best she could to care for him, but Marley was undernourished with overgrown toenails and hadn’t been to the veterinarian in years. I put him in my car and drove him home.

Marley right after I put him in my car. He really
took it all in stride, I have to say.

That first week was tough. Marley was sweet and quite affectionate, but it was a new home with a new routine and I had to work diligently with him. I got him to the vet immediately and we addressed the most pressing issues (the toenails, bloodwork, vaccinations, etc.). But he was too weak for a tooth cleaning. He also wasn’t neutered, although at his advanced age I wasn’t certain I would proceed with it anyway. I also sobbed frequently because bringing Marley home had triggered a new wave of despair over losing Ranger. It took me a bit to work through that. I also sent my husband—still in Finland—a long and heartfelt email explaining what I’d done and begging him not to be upset with me. His response was so supportive that I wept over that, too. I married the right guy.

Initially, I fed Marley three times a day.

Eventually, he gained weight and embraced his new life of freedom (he’d been crated for much of the year before he was rescued, and possibly longer). We have a dog door, so he quickly mastered going into the backyard whenever he wanted. He has arthritis, but he’s gained stamina with frequent short walks, and later I put him on a low dose of pain medication to manage his discomfort. He enjoys treats and toys, and although he initially had little interest in playing with our other dog, Lily, they have slowly become buddies. But Marley generally prefers us to be nearby if he plays with her. His bouts of anxiety have, thankfully, lessened over time (we discovered that he really likes to chew slippers when he's stressed, so Santa brought him a new pair in his stocking for Christmas - he loved them!).

Marley and me on Christmas morning.

I don’t know how much time we’ll have with Marley, but I’m content knowing that we’re giving him a peaceful and secure life in his twilight years, filled with fresh air, sunshine, plenty of food, snuggles and kisses.

Follow Marley's adventures  on Instagram at @marley_therescue.

Marley and Lily

Monday, December 3, 2018

Guest Post: My Easy-Bake Christmas by Patti Sherry-Crews

Please welcome author Patti Sherry-Crews to my blog today. I had the pleasure of working with Patti on the recently released A CHRISTMAS COWBOY TO KEEP. Her wonderfully romantic contribution, COUNTING DOWN TO CHRISTMAS, features cookie-making. Read more about Patti's inspiration for the story.

By Patti Sherry-Crews

I remember when I was a young mother how excited I was to carry forward all the holiday traditions I’d grown up with. Baking cookies and other treats at Christmas being one of them. And I’d been given all my grandmother’s and mother’s bakeware! I have quite a collection.

I baked and baked and baked, going through more pounds of butter in a month’s time than I did the preceding eleven months of the year. Sadly, I quickly learned nobody was going to eat all those cookies and cakes except for me— valiantly devouring sweets the best I could. Those pounds of butter looked attractive on my derriere.

I stopped baking almost entirely, and that decreased with children moving out, combined with new requests for gluten-free, no-carb, vegan, low-sugar, and dairy free foodstuffs.

But I still have all these wonderful cookie cutters and tins, and even though I didn’t use them to bake anymore, they still are a presence. Just seeing them brings so many memories and people back to me.

So every year they come out. I string the cookie cutters along garlands, make chandelier type arrangements out of evergreen wreaths and dangle the cookie cutters off of them. I make little tableaus of my gingerbread house mold and my Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer jelly mold. I get as much pleasure out of thinking of new ways to display my collection as I do seeing them.

 Pieces from my Collection of Holiday Bake Wear on Display, Including Rudolph “Jello Mold” and Gingerbread House Mold

When I wrote my story, Counting Down to Christmas in the set A Christmas Cowboy to Keep, I knew there had to be a cookie decorating scene. And knowing how much these family keepsakes mean to me, I spent time on sites like Pinterest and Etsy trying to track down my own cookie cutters and bakeware, sometimes even finding images of some in their original packaging.

What I found out was that I have a collection spanning back through decades of family history starting with my own additions like my Ugly Christmas Sweater and gigantic snowflake cookie cutters.  

1960’s: the copper cookie cutters including Santas, reindeer, and snowmen. Also the mini animals which we always used for shortbread, but as it turns out were actually from a child’s playset called “Little Mothers Cooky Cutters.”

1950’s: The aluminum one-piece angels, etc., the melamine marbleized camel and elephant and other circus characters in salmon pink, and the red transparent gingerbread men.

1930’s: All the cookie cutters with mint green or red painted wooden handles.

A Sampling of the Cookie Cutters Used by my Family

It turns out my Rudolph jello mold was actually once part of an 8-piece cake set from 1939. Robert May, the man who wrote the song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, held the copy-write for the set. Incidentally, he lived in my town, and I went to school with his daughter.

The 8 Piece Cake Set. I Found my “Jello” Mold!

Another odd piece I’m fond of displaying is my gingerbread house mold. It’s not a kit like you see nowadays where you piece together flat sections of gingerbread with frosting. My mold makes a solid gingerbread cake. It came out in the year I was born, 1958.

Gingerbread House Mold and the Mini Copper Animals in their Original Packaging
And even though I don’t own this cowboy cookie cutter it has a special place in my story. Read the excerpt below to see how this guy brings out the Christmas spirit in a Christmas Grinch.

One Special Cookie Cutter for One Special Cowboy

An excerpt from Counting Down to Christmas

Leland looked at the racks of cooling cookies set out over the table, along with bowls of colored icing and decorative sprinkles. The women were already at work spreading icing on the cookies and setting them on waxed paper. He grabbed one off the rack nearest to him and sat down.

His mother slapped his hand. “Wait until we decorate them, please. In fact, why don’t you give us a hand?”

“What? You want me to decorate cookies?”

“You used to love to do that.”

“When I was six.”

Melody wrinkled her nose with distaste. He ignored her and picked through the old hat box full of cookie cutters. He pulled out one and his heart leaped with joy.

“Mustang Muldoon!” He cried out before he thought about it.

* * *

The delight in his voice took Melody by surprise. Her hand stilled in the middle of reaching for another cookie to decorate. She looked up at Leland and witnessed a transformation in his face. He held an ancient-looking cookie cutter. His eyes were crinkled and sparkling, a contagious grin spread across his face.

“What is that?” she couldn’t help but ask, pointing to the vaguely humanoid shape in his hand.
He flicked a look of annoyance in her direction. “He’s a cowboy, of course.”

“Oh, you used to love making cowboy cookies!” Alma picked up a cookie and handed it to him. “Why don’t you decorate him for me.”

Melody studied the blob-shaped cookie with a pointed head. “That’s a cowboy? I don’t see it.”

“The cookies do lose some detail when you bake them,” said Alma.

“Doesn’t look like a cowboy...” Leland rolled his eyes. “You have to decorate it the right way, that’s all. Ma, remember how we used to make the fringe on his chaps?”

“We used chocolate jimmies. I think I have some in the pantry.” Alma got up from the table.

Melody studied Leland as he hunched over to spread white frosting on his cookie. His hair had flopped over his forehead and he was biting his bottom lip in concentration. She could see the small boy in him, and a sudden warmth washed over her heart, which she quickly dismissed.

Counting Down to Christmas
is available in
A Christmas Cowboy to Keep

About Patti
Patti Sherry-Crews lives in Evanston, Illinois, with her husband, one bad dog, and one good cat. She is a mother of three grown children and about to become a grandmother for the third time this winter. She is an award-winning author who writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction as well as historical western and medieval romances.

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A Brand New Christmas Western Novella!!

I'm so pleased to share my first Christmas-themed story as part of the collection A CHRISTMAS COWBOY TO KEEP.
The weather is cold, the atmosphere is festive, and the cowboys are hot. How do you keep a cowboy at Christmas?

Don’t miss this holiday collection of modern-day cowboys and the women they love, featuring the same USA Today, Amazon Bestselling, and Award-Winning authors from “A Cowboy to Keep,” which garnered 55 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Daniel Dylan Layman is determined to show headstrong city girl Liberty Ann Hart that a country life in Mistletoe, Texas, is the perfect Christmas gift.

A CHRISTMAS CAROLE by Andrea Downing
Carrie Matheson and her son are trying to settle into a new life in Wyoming. Tate Schrugge is trying to ditch his Scrooge and play Santa to the young boy. But will there be a Dickens of a romance by Christmas?

Lawyer Skye Mallory returns home for the holidays due to an unexpected inheritance, and cowboy Joe Carrigan stands in her way.

When Kristen Kelly receives a Christmas kiss from Cole Lawson, she doesn’t believe it means anything. But Cole sets out to make things right with the woman of his heart.

SLAY BELLS by Hildie McQueen
At a small-town Christmas festival sparks fly between Carmen Dias and Detective Jared Bowden, but a dead body and a pesky ex-girlfriend don’t exactly spell romance.

All Sofia Rossi wants is to re-connect with her estranged son. But can Gar McCulloch, a handsome cowboy who runs a juvenile rehab ranch, be the answer to her problems?

Wedding planner Melody Evans views happily-ever-after endings with a skeptical eye. Veterinarian Leland Jennings IV thinks Christmas is for kids. Can the holiday spirit bring them together?

Only 99 cents at Amazon or FREE in Kindle Unlimited

Skye Mallory has always aspired to leave her family’s ranch, and she takes pride in having achieved her dream of becoming a lawyer. But when an unexpected inheritance draws her home for the Christmas holidays, she’s surprised by a longing to set down roots in the wide-open meadows and woodlands of southwestern Colorado. Only one thing stands in her way—a cowboy who broke her heart nine years ago.

In high school, Joe Carrigan admired Skye for her spirit and intellect, but he knew she was destined for a life beyond ranching. Turning down her romantic overture was the best course of action for them both. But now, he’s returned to their hometown, and it’s inevitable he’ll come face-to-face with his one regret in life—Skye Mallory. This time, however, he won’t be so chivalrous.

Read Chapter One from THE PEPPERMINT TREE here.

Additional Excerpt

“Do you and Mrs. Mallory want to ride with us?” (Joe asked.)

Skye’s dad shook his head. “Nah. You kids head on over. We might want to leave early, and we wouldn’t want to cramp your style.”

“I’ll be careful on the roads,” Joe assured him.

“It stopped snowing two hours ago, and I’m sure the plows are out clearing the way. But if it gets late and the roads seem icy, then stay put. Don’t risk it.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll take care of her.” Joe hesitated. “Is she here? I wasn’t sure if she still wanted to go.”

Mr. Mallory chuckled. “She’s upstairs. Shouldn’t be long now.”

Skye’s mom breezed into the room, wearing a black gown trimmed with red, her graying hair pinned away from her face.

“You look beautiful, Mrs. Mallory,” Joe said.

She giggled and patted his arm. “Thank you. It’s fun to get dressed up. And I love that the event benefits the women’s shelter. You cut quite the figure, Joey.” She added in a low voice, “You and Skye make such a great couple.”

He didn’t know what to say. The attention shifted to the stairs at the sound of heels tapping on wood. Skye entered and halted abruptly.

There was a pregnant pause while everyone froze in their positions.

In high school, Skye had been on the tomboyish side, her frame more athletic than voluptuous, but it was clear that the ensuing years had rounded out those burgeoning curves. She looked stunning in a maroon dress, revealing an ample swell of her breasts. He flicked his eyes back to her face, aware that he’d been staring.

His mouth went dry. It was like he’d never seen a woman before.

“Is there something wrong?” Skye asked.

“Is that your old prom dress?” Mrs. Mallory’s question caused Skye’s face to pinch into a grimace.

“It was all I could find on such short notice.”

Her makeup accentuated her already creamy complexion, and the dark lipstick put Joe in mind of a temptress.

Bewildered, his mind went blank.

“Shall we go?” she prompted.

He cleared his throat, snapping out of his stupor. “Let me start the Bronco,” he said, feeling a little tongue-tied, “so I can get the heat going.” The double innuendo hung in the air as he headed out the door.

Damn. He was in trouble.

Copyright © 2018 K. McCaffrey LLC

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New Release - A Murder of Crows #blogabookscene @prairierosepubs

By Kristy McCaffrey

Blog-A-Book-Scene is a monthly themed blogging endeavor from a group of authors who love to share excerpts from their stories. Find us on Twitter with the hashtag #blogabookscene and #PrairieRosePubs.

October's theme is Autumn and all things spooky. It's my favorite time of year! This excerpt is from my upcoming BRAND NEW release, A Murder of Crows. This is Book 3 in The Crow Series, a collection of spine-chilling stories set during Hallowtide in the Old West. I hope you enjoy Kester and Eliza's supernatural adventure into a place called The Hallow, while trying to deny their growing attraction to one another.

Bounty hunter Kester “Kit” Boggs, along with his brothers, tracks and destroys the vilest of men, both from this world and the next. With a Scottish and Comanche lineage, his connection to the supernatural is tied directly to the crow. For too long, he’s been hunting El Viejo del Saco, a demon known as The Bag Man who feeds on the blood of children. A rumor leads Kit to the Mexican frontier, where he must find a man called Hamish Kerr. But with Hallowtide descending, Kit has lost his ability to hear spirits, and his only hope is a woman whose family is a sworn enemy to the Boggs’ clan.

Eliza McCulloch’s ancestors hail from Scotland, her clan carrying an ancient curse and a warning—a McCulloch may never bind herself to a Boggs. When Eliza learns that Hamish Kerr stole her family’s book of spells, the McCulloch Grimoire, nearly two decades ago, she sets out to reclaim it. Often called witch, she possesses a unique skill to open doorways to the other side. But when she finds herself beholden to a Boggs for protection, her abilities take an unexpected turn.

As Kit and Eliza unearth far more than a stolen book, they must work together if they are to survive. But with the past pushing into their future, can they resist the growing desire between them? Is it possible for a Boggs and a McCulloch to find lasting love? Or will defeating the demon separate them forever?

Available this Thursday (October 11) at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Excerpt from A Murder of Crows

“There are more of you?” Eliza asked.

Kester gave a nod. “But I’m currently alone.”

“Would you help me, Mister Crow?”

“Like I said, you can call me Kit. Why are you looking for Kerr?”

“Unfinished business.”

“Why would you get into bed with a Boggs?” He immediately regretted his choice of words, not only from the withering look Eliza cast upon him, but also because bedding her was a desire that had taken residence in his head, and he doubted it would leave anytime soon.

A Boggs is never to touch a McCulloch.

Kit set his jaw. It was definitely Granny in his ear. Hell of a time for her suddenly to confide in him. He bristled at the smug authority in her tone, transporting him back to his boyhood when Granny’s exasperation with him inevitably led to a rant.

“Kester, your stubbornness will lead you into trouble. I’m trying to help you. It’s my duty to teach you. Heed my warning, grandson.”

“I’m not offering you my body, Crow,” Eliza said, an edge to her words.

“What are you offering?”

“You’re a hunter of the night. I’ll pay you to help me track down Hamish Kerr.”

Leaning back in the chair, Kit stretched out his legs and crossed them at the ankle. He almost laughed. This whole thing was going south, and fast. As much as he’d like to help the pretty McCulloch, she had no business going anywhere near Hamish.

“I’m afraid I’ve got my own agenda,” he answered. “You should let this go, and you should leave town as soon as possible.”

Eliza arched an eyebrow. “Let me get this straight. You tell me I’m incapable of handling this myself, but when I ask for your help, you say no.” She shook her head, her look dismissive. “Then I will leave.” She stood.

He immediately came to his feet, blocking her path to the door. “No.”

“You don’t want to bed me, and you don’t want to help me. I think we’re done here.”

How wrong she was on the first count, but he didn’t voice it aloud.

“Get out of my way,” she demanded. “I’ll find Kerr on my own.”

It would seem he wasn’t about to be free of the McCulloch siren after all. And despite the danger, a traitorous part of him was glad for it.

Kit brought his hand to her dark hair and lifted the strands spilling over her shoulder. The awareness between them was palpable. It pleased him that she didn’t pull away.

“Fine.” He watched her, but she wouldn’t meet his eyes. “I’ll help you.”

“A McCulloch cannot bind herself to a Boggs,” she whispered, then raised her gaze, renewed once again with a flash of hard determination. “I offered to pay you, not to pleasure you.”

He didn’t bother to hide his grin, which soon turned into a full-on laugh.

Copyright  2018 K. McCaffrey LLC

Don't miss all the spooky and romantic tales in the series.

Book 1: The Crow and the Coyote (Jack’s story)
Book 2: The Crow and the Bear (Callum’s story)
Book 3: A Murder of Crows (Kit’s story)

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Grimoires and A New Release

By Kristy McCaffrey

A grimoire is a book of magic. It often included instructions on how to create talismans and amulets, how to perform spells, and how to invoke supernatural entities. In many cases, the books themselves were considered imbued with magical powers, not unlike other sacred texts (such as the Bible). The term ‘grimoire’ comes from the French word ‘grammaire,’ which originally referred to books written in Latin. But by the 18th century, it had begun to be used to describe books of magic.

While grimoires are believed to have originated in Europe—the earliest were written on cuneiform clay tablets in ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq)—they have also been found around the world, from Jamaica to Sumatra.

In the 18th century, with the rise of the Enlightenment (a movement devoted to science and rationalism), there was also a persistent belief in magic and witchcraft, and many grimoires were produced during this time.

A grimoire plays a role in my upcoming release A MURDER OF CROWS.

A Short Novella

Only 99 cents

Coming October 11, 2018

Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Available for Pre-Order 

Bounty hunter Kester “Kit” Boggs, along with his brothers, tracks and destroys the vilest of men, both from this world and the next. With a Scottish and Comanche lineage, his connection to the supernatural is tied directly to the crow. For too long, he’s been hunting El Viejo del Saco, a demon known as The Bag Man who feeds on the blood of children. A rumor leads Kit to the Mexican frontier, where he must find a man called Hamish Kerr. But with Hallowtide descending, Kit has lost his ability to hear spirits, and his only hope is a woman whose family is a sworn enemy to the Boggs’ clan.

Eliza McCulloch’s ancestors hail from Scotland, her clan carrying an ancient curse and a warning—a McCulloch may never bind herself to a Boggs. When Eliza learns that Hamish Kerr stole her family’s book of spells, the McCulloch Grimoire, nearly two decades ago, she sets out to reclaim it. Often called witch, she possesses a unique skill to open doorways to the other side. But when she finds herself beholden to a Boggs for protection, her abilities take an unexpected turn.

As Kit and Eliza unearth far more than a stolen book, they must work together if they are to survive. But with the past pushing into their future, can they resist the growing desire between them? Is it possible for a Boggs and a McCulloch to find lasting love? Or will defeating the demon separate them forever?

Don’t miss all the books in The Crow Series

Book 1: The Crow and the Coyote (Jack’s story)
Book 2: The Crow and the Bear (Callum’s story)
Book 3: A Murder of Crows (Kit’s story)

Excerpt from A Murder Of Crows

The door opened, startling Eliza, and Mister Boggs entered. He tossed a pile of clothing at her. “Put this on.”

She quickly sorted through it—a sturdier blouse and skirt, and new undergarments. “Thank you.” It was a kind gesture, considering the tattered state of her current clothing.

His gaze lingered on her, and she felt his interest as clearly as if he had touched her. Kester Boggs did want her.

A flash of warmth bloomed in her face and shot straight to her toes.

Why did she feel a sense of victory? Why did a part of her wonder what would happen if she agreed to the desire in his eyes?

Ambivalence held her rooted in place. She waited for Kester Boggs to be like all men, because surely he was like all men. But her woman’s sense, her witch’s sense, strummed a tune that said he wasn’t.

“I’ll be back in an hour,” he said. He pulled his Colt and held it out to her.

She stared at his hand, stunned. “What are you doing?”

“Do you know how to use it?”

“Yes.” She’d taught herself how to shoot. Her cousins had had little interest in learning about weapons, believing their other skills would keep them safe, but Eliza had always hedged all her bets. It was why she was willing to enter into an agreement with The Crow.

“Take it.”

She grabbed hold of the gun.

“If someone other than me comes in, then shoot.”

Was he seriously giving her his weapon? “But it’s the only gun you have.”


“What if I shoot you?”

“Sweetheart, you need to make up your mind. You’re not my prisoner. But if you’re about to go with me into the wilds to find Hamish, then you need to accept that I’m not your enemy.” Amusement glittered in his eyes. “At least, not yet.”

Copyright  2018 K. McCaffrey LLC

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Labor Day Sale!! @McCaffreyKristy #romancebooks

I've got two books on sale this holiday weekend.

Blue Sage
Kristy McCaffrey

What do you do when a woman literally lands at your feet?

Braden Delaney has taken over the family cattle business after the death of his father, but faced with difficult financial decisions, he contemplates selling a portion of the massive Delaney ranch holdings known as Whisper Rock, a place of unusual occurrences. The sudden appearance of a pretty relic-hunter while he’s collecting his livestock, however, is about to change his mind.

Archaeologist Audrey Driggs arrives in the remote wilderness of Northern Arizona for clues to a life-altering experience from her childhood. When she rolls off a mountain and lands at the feet of rugged cowboy Braden Delaney, it’s clear she needs his knowledge of the area to complete her quest. But if she tells him the truth, will he think she’s crazy?

Together, they’ll uncover a long-lost secret.

This long novella was previously published in the anthology A COWBOY TO KEEP.

* * * * * *

Book 4 in the Wings of the West Series.
Can be read as a standalone novel.

The Blackbird
Kristy McCaffrey

Bounty hunter Cale Walker arrives in Tucson to search for J. Howard “Hank” Carlisle at the request of his daughter, Tess. Hank mentored Cale before a falling out divided them, and a mountain lion attack left Cale nearly dead. Rescued by a band of Nednai Apache, his wounds were considered a powerful omen and he was taught the ways of a di-yin, or a medicine man. To locate Hank, Cale must enter the Dragoon Mountains, straddling two worlds that no longer fit. But he has an even bigger problem—finding a way into the heart of a young woman determined to live life as a bystander.

For two years, Tess Carlisle has tried to heal the mental and physical wounds of a deadly assault by one of her papá’s men. Continuing the traditions of her Mexican heritage, she has honed her skills as a cuentista, a storyteller and a Keeper of the Old Ways. But with no contact from her father since the attack, she fears the worst. Tess knows that to reenter Hank Carlisle’s world is a dangerous endeavor, and her only hope is Cale Walker, a man unlike any she has ever known. Determined to make a journey that could lead straight into the path of her attacker, she hardens her resolve along with her heart. But Cale makes her yearn for something she vowed she never would—love.

A steamy historical western romance set in 1877 Arizona Territory.

2015 Laramie Award ~ BEST in Western Romantic Fiction

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