Thursday, August 6, 2015

Silverton And The Alpine Loop

By Kristy McCaffrey

Established in 1874, the town of Silverton is located in the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado. It's a beautiful location to visit in the summertime, and one of the main starting points of the Alpine Loop, a 65-mile rugged road that passes by many mining ghost towns. In July, my husband and I, along with our two teenaged daughters, joined my parents and sister for a vacation.

The Silver Summit RV park.

My husband and I in the Rocky Mountains.

Box Canyon in Ouray, Colorado.

An amazing beaver dam.

The beginning of the Alpine Loop.

The San Juan Mountains.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are required to drive the Alpine
Loop in its entirety.

The ghost town of Animas Forks, which sits on the three forks
of the Animas River. This is one of the most visited old
mining towns in Colorado.

Animas Forks.

Me at Engineer Pass (12,800 feet) on the Alpine Loop.

We came across a moose mother and her baby (not
pictured) eating by the side of the road along the
Alpine Loop.

Cinnamon Pass (12,640 feet) on the Alpine Loop.

My husband and parents at Cinnamon Pass. We were
caught in a mini-snowstorm.

Silverton has a ski area and it's not
for beginners.

Silverton Mountain Ski Area.
Our last night in Silverton.

To soothe the soul, come to the mountains.


  1. Oh, what beautiful pic. What a trip you had. Visiting this incredible part of Colorado not long ago has made me ache to go back!!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. And the pictures don't even do it justice. :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing your views in Colorado. Stunning! Doris McCraw

  3. It makes me homesick. Love the photos.

    1. Thanks, Connie. I look forward to going back. :-)